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Physical Therapy

The physical therapists at Ascend Physical Therapy & Wellness will work as part of your healthcare team to provide a series of therapies to help our clients of all ages to recover from injury and disabilities and deal with chronic conditions and illnesses. We provide rehabilitative, preventative and wellness physical therapy care in Vienna and Annandale, VA, and to the Northern Virginia and Washington DC metropolitan areas.

Our expert assessment and diagnosis of your condition is followed by the development of a plan of customized treatment.

We use a variety of therapeutic techniques and modalities to care for you and improve how you function at work, at home, and in your community.



Our goal in all physical therapy is to enhance your functional ability, physical strength, range of motion and motor control; and to reduce any pain, discomfort and swelling you are experiencing.

Our holistic approach often includes a variety of activities customized to your specific needs. These treatments include manual therapy, hands-on mobilization of soft tissue, gait analysis, and therapeutic exercises.

We work with you to create structural change in your body and to increase your range of motion, strength, balance and endurance.

In certain cases your treatment may also include such therapeutic modalities as electrical stimulation, hot or cold packs, ultrasound and cold laser (see more on this below) to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Physical therapy may also involve traction or deep-tissue/trigger point massage to relieve pain and improve circulation and flexibility. Our treatment plans also include teaching you to use assistive or adaptive devices if necessary, including crutches, prostheses and wheelchairs.

Part of our Physical Therapy service is a wellness component that teaches you how to do exercises at home to expedite your recovery.

Physical Therapy combined with Wellness is a highly personal service that encourages all our clients to become more aware of their bodies and become informed participants in the process of healing.

Among the many conditions that we treat are craniofacial therapy (TMJ), neck, back and shoulder pain, arm pain (tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, golfers elbow), headache (migraines and tension), jaw pain, buttock pain and leg pain (sciatica), fibromyalgia or osteoarthritis of the joints, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), vertigo and balance issues, whiplash, pre and post-surgical conditions, and recovery after car accidents and workplace injuries.

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