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You may be thinking about taking a summer vacation over the next few months. While this sounds exciting, it has the potential to be a little hazardous to your health. Traveling results in prolonged periods of sitting in awkward, cramped spaces; whether it be in a car or on a plane, and possibly prolonged periods of standing while waiting in lineups at airports in combination with heavy lifting of luggage. Dehydration is very common with travel too. All of these seemingly harmless activities can...
Posted on 2016-06-02
While carrying out activities such as daily chores, working, running errands, or taking care of children, maintaining good posture may be the last thing on a person’s mind. However, neglecting your posture could lead to health problems over time. There are specific muscles in the body, known as postural muscles that help keep the body upright. Bad posture may lead to overstretching of some muscles, while others may become stiff and tight. When standing, bending, or lifting objects imprope...
Posted on 2015-06-14